Is It Time for Specialized Residential Care?

       “There are many reasons why one might have to place a loved one in a home but time and time again the caregivers will blame themselves. Self-blame, which springs from the false belief that one falls short of expectations, adds to caregiver stress, guilt, and depression. It is important to remember that there are two parts to this equation—the person being cared for and the caregiver. You cannot disregard the needs of both. “

         This is a touchy subject and one that I face with families each day at Oak Cottage Memory Care. I have found that there is no right or wrong answer. That is why I have attached this specific article from your local Alzheimer’s Association to this e-mail. I found it very helpful and I am hoping that you will too….

         I have found this subject to entail an on-going process during which can come some unexpected turns. Knowing what your options are and making arrangements ahead of time can offer great peace of mind to both you and your loved one. Identifying a community ahead of time comes at a great advantage for families as they are able to familiarize themselves with the care team, activity schedule, cuisine and more. More often then not the families that I work with every day took a one time visit to several local communities and decided to wait on the decision with the assumption that there is still more time.

        A common story I come across concerns a sudden incident or injury that results in having to place their loved one in to a residential care community with no real notice. This results in a highly emotional, stressful, and chaotic time as families scramble to both start and finish the placement process with a community that they might not have visited in the last 6 months. I encourage you to take advantage of invitations sent to you from your favorite communities inviting you to an event or activity. This is your chance to truly get to know your pre-selected communities before the need to move your loved one takes place.

        Our hope is that you and your family are able to keep a sense of control and peace from start to finish. Call us anytime, no matter where you are in this sensitive process as Oak Cottage Memory Care is here for you 7 days a week. Let’s start having this conversation….lets get prepared. Reach me at any time by calling 805-456-7270 .

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