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What Our Residents Say

“Momma Rosa, my Mom at age 95, became a resident of Oak Cottage in May. 2015. It is now December, and for the six months between then and now she has been attended to by professional caregivers who have exceeded my expectations in their ability, compassion and friendship. Just sitting with Rosa, having a conversation or even playing her favorite music for her have meant a lot to me. And, my wife and I are not absentee family! We have been there each day, twice at least, and have come to know, trust and respect the Oak Cottage professional family. They are the best! Momma Rosa may not be there too much longer; the caregivers and staff have taken care of me as well as Momma Rosa, and I am profoundly grateful.”
“I wanted to email and say “hi” and also say how thankful we are that my Grandma was lucky enough to get a room with you. She is doing so well, it is such a blessing and relief for our family, thank you SO much.”

“A HUGE THANK YOU to each of you from our family for the wonderful birthday celebration yesterday for Dad! We are so appreciative of your thoughtfulness in creating a wonderful party. It was lovely to be outside, the food was delicious and how fun to have family, friends and firemen present! We thank you for the extra work and your attention to detail–cake with fun candles and place-cards, wow! Dad was delighted! What a great way to celebrate a 93rd birthday! Please know we are sharing with friends all of the many reasons Oak Cottage is a great place!”


“It was great to meet you and Claire and Julie: great fun. You and your staff are out to create something great, and I admire that. And thanks also for the cookies and beautiful soup: congratulations on having the vision for such food. I’m going to think more about what I learned, and be back in touch when I have something to add: keep up the good work!”


Beautiful Site!


Really nice facility with very nice architectural touches. Nowhere did I get any sense of anything “institutional” just very comfortable and welcoming. What great community resource!




Congratulations – what a wonderful place!

D. G. & Z. G.

“Everyone at Oak Cottage has been so supportive and attentive throughout my mother’s residence there. It made a big difference to my mother, I think, as well as to me and my sisters, to have my mother’s needs so attended, my mother herself so noticed. Claire was terrific at drawing her into activities. Matei often went the extra mile to keep us posted and to meet her needs. Shane treated her like his grandmother. Your help, and Philippe’s, in moving the things from my mother’s room, and generally facilitating that transition, was VERY appreciated. ALL of you, have our respect and gratitude.”

“Thank you so very much. We are so pleased to see Dad having such a good, happy time with you. We very much appreciate the extra mile you put into the outings as well as the music you have downloaded for him. We are very thankful that Dad is with all of you.”
“As prompted by recent events and communications, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so VERY much for the diligent, superb, effective, and pleasant way that you do your difficult job. You are simultaneously professional, thorough, caring and attentive. I, for one, TRULY appreciate you. It gives me such relief and reduced stress to know that you’ve “got my back” so to speak. Thank you.”

“Thanks again for all of your help in getting Dad moved into Oak Cottage. It is such a relief that he is somewhere safe and being well cared for”


Dear Mark and all of the loving Oak Cottage Staff,
Saying “thank you” would be an understatement for all you’ve done.
The care you’ve given to design, decor, selection of amazing staff and meals, etc…
For the first time in years, mom is happy, not just content. Hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

G. & J. & J. S.

“Thank you All, especially Shane, so much for making this day extra special and bringing our mom out to Earl Warren Showgrounds for the horse show.. Inspired by my mom in law’s smiling face in the stands, I took home 2 blues and a second place. A great day all around! You all are fab!!”


Spectacular, warm and interesting


Beautiful facility, amazing energy and inspiring people!


What a beautiful gift ad service you have given to residents of Santa Barbara.
Your commitment and perseverance are inspiring to us!

L. & B. C.

Serene, beautiful furnishings, comforting setting for residents and family members: all much needed in Santa Barbara.


Your facility is stunning! Residents will be so lucky to live here.


Wonderful facially- well, home- you have created a beautiful home for your residents.